SMA Sunny Island 8.0H

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    Operation on the utility grid or generator
    Rated grid voltage/AC voltage range 230V/172.5V to 264.5V
    Max AC input current 50A
    Max AC input power 11500W
    Stand-alone or emergency power operation
    Rated grid voltage/AC voltage range 230V/202V to 253V
    Rated power 25⁰C 6000W
    AC power 25⁰C for 30min/5min/3sec 8000W/9100W/11000W
    AC power 45⁰C continuously 5430W
    Rated current/maximum output current (peak) 26A/120A
    Battery DC input
    Rated input voltage/DC voltage range 48V/41V to 63V
    Max battery charging current/rated DC charging current/DC discharging current 140A/115A/130A
    Battery type/battery capacity Li-Ion, FLA, VRLA/100Ahto 10000Ah (lead-acid),50Ah to 10000Ah (Li-Ion)