SMA Multicluster Box 36-11

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    PV General data
    Dimensions (W/H/D) 1200/2000/800mm
    SMA MC Load Connection
    Rated Voltage 230V(L,N), 400V(L1,L2)
    AC voltage range 172.5V to 250V, 300V to 433V
    Number of connections 1x3-phase
    Rated power 300kW
    AC current at rated values 3x435A(AC1)
    SMA MC Sunny Island connections
    Max # of devices 36
    AC rated power/AC current at rated values 216kW/3x313A
    AC power 45⁰C/AC current 45⁰C 195kW/3x283A
    AC power 25⁰C for 30min/5min 288kW/328kW
    SMA MC Generator connection
    Rated grid input power 300kW
    AC input current 3x435A(AC1)
    Number of connections 1x3-phase
    SMA MC PV system connection
    Number of connections 1x3-phase
    PV rated power 360kW
    AC current at rated values 3x522A(AC1)